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This is one of my newest photographs. I took it while I was on theMILL fall retreat. It had snowed the previous night and it was beginning to melt as the sun came out.  I thought I would share it because it reminds me of what God … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block.

I was going to write a blog today but I was stricken with a terrible case of writer’s block. So I thought that this old poem of mine would be rather apt. Writer’s Block. When words have eluded the pen, … Continue reading

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A Letter to Christian Young Men.

This is something I posted on facebook recently. The response was quite surprising. It’s been on my mind a good deal these days, so I thought I’d go ahead and put it here too.  I hope it challenges, blesses, and ecourages you. … Continue reading

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Let’s kick this off with some poetry. Brand new and straight from the heart. When the dreams have gone out of the daydreams, All that is left is the day, which we must face with waking eyes. When reality turns … Continue reading

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Prospect of Redemption.

I was stricken by an impulse to create a blog and I followed it. I cannot promise regularity, or clarity, but I will do my best to deliver my thoughts. I sincerely hope they bless you. The reason I chose ‘Prospect … Continue reading

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