Well, well, it feels like it’s been ages since I’ve posted on this blog. It feels good to be writing again. Lately I’ve been pondering about some of the aspects of Who God is. Along with that I’ve been thinking about why the claim that God is triune is important. Interestingly, there is not specific verse in Scripture that claims that God is a Trinity, but it is something that can and should be inferred from the text.

     Whereas I strongly encourage each of you to search it out in the text for yourself, that’s not the purpose of this blog. I just want to talk about how, from a logical standpoint, in order for God to be complete He must be a Trinity. It is my belief that God cannot be an infinitely good God without being Three-in-One. God must be a Trinity in order to be good in every way, and in order to be complete, lacking nothing.

     I know that is an odd claim to make, but it does make sense when you do some pondering. You see, if God were not three Persons He would not be able to display perfect love and communication. If this were the case, God would need to create someone in order to display these attributes, which would make Him dependent on His creation. In order for God to be entirely infinite He must not be dependent.

     Love requires two people in order to be carried out. So if God were unitarian, He would not be able act out love on His own. He would be dependent on His creation to have the quality of love. If God needed to create someone in order to display the characteristic of love He would not be complete in His goodness. Whereas, if He is capable of displaying love within Himself, to the persons of the Trinity, then He is not dependent upon anything and is completely self-sufficient. The Trinitarian God lacks nothing and is dependent on no one. 

     Another aspect that God would lack if He were not a Trinity is the aspect of community. I have heard some argue that God is only two-in-one, not three-in-one, in that the claim is that the Holy Spirit isn’t a person, but the resurrected Jesus. The claim is ridiculous from a Scriptural standpoint, but beyond that, I would argue that God must be Triune to be complete.

     Although love can be displayed between two people, there is something unique about having more. That, my friends, is community. There is something profound and beautiful about multiple people living in harmony and unity and that goes beyond only two people. A community can only be established with at least three. So a Triune God would not be dependent on His creation to have community seeing that He could have it within Himself. It is amazing to look at the communal dynamics within the Trinity in that they have a chain of authority whilst maintaining perfect equality. That is something that would be lacking in a unitarian God. 

     Yet it amazes me to think that, although God is perfect and lacking in nothing, that He would create us and invite us in to His perfect community. You see, if He was not a Trinity it would be possible that He would create us for self-betterment, but as it is, He needs us not, yet loves us still. I think God created people to be community-based beings because He Himself is community-based. Knowing that God is the perfect community and invites us to take part, really changes the way I think about people. It has made me think, certainly God does not intend for me to live this life alone and that community with other people is just a small, miniscule, taste of the community God has within Himself. Rather mind-blowing.

     I may return to this post later, seeing that as it stands I don’t think I articulated everything as clearly as I could have. Though hopefully you got something out of it. It’s rather an astounding subject and well worth pondering.


About Jonathon Thigpen

I am a student, writer, photographer, traveler, teacher, and Lego enthusiast, who is endeavouring to be a man after God's own heart.
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4 Responses to Trinity.

  1. Rebecca says:

    I like this a lot. I just gave my mom the link to your blog yesterday. I think she’d like it.

  2. Very thought-provoking! I’ve thought a lot on the trinity concept, but I’d never considered this. Thanks for posting!

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