The Righteous Man According to David.

Psalm 1:2, 3: [The righteous man’s] delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.”       



     The righteous man is to delight in the law of the Lord. I love this idea. Here we are not commanded to read it, or to memorize it, or even proclaim it, but to delight in it! It is to be something we enjoy, something we seek earnestly, that we wish to share with others, our refreshment, it is to be exciting, and electrifying to our souls! It is my prayer that God would teach me to delight in His Word!

     It is also specifically the law that is to be our delight. How interesting it is that I find myself so often cringing at the law because I do not like the Judge attribute of God. Yet, it occurs to me now that the law–the reflection of God’s perfect righteousness, and love of purity, and hatred of evil–is to delight our souls! The law is not something for us to hate, but for us to delight in because God is a righteous God and hates evil and therefore will not suffer His children to remain in it! Delight indeed! The righteous man delights in the law because He delights in the fact that God is just. 

     The righteous man meditates on the Word of God day and night. I have recently implemented this principle in my own life: reading the Word as soon as I awake, and just before I go to sleep, and it has had a profound impact upon my life. Meditating on the Word to start the day essentially says that God is your first priority which will define the rest of the elements of the day. Ending with it shows that it is the conclusion of the day, the final act of importance. Though, day refers to more than just the beginning of the day. I believe we are to meditate on the law throughout the day. We are to be returning to it constantly, as we return to food and water, or even just as physical light is present throughout the entire day, so too should the spiritual Light of God’s Word illuminate all of our waking hours.

     The righteous man is deeply rooted. When we are finding our substance from the Word, we become firmly planted in the foundation of God’s Word. As a tree is nourished by streams of water, so the righteous man is nourished by Jesus, the Living Water. When our lives are being refreshed by the Living Water we are like a well-watered tree, which inevitably produces fruit. This is a guarantee of a life that is being sustained by the Living Water! Fruit will naturally come from the nourishment that presence of Jesus brings.

     The righteous man is dependable. He yields fruit “in season.” A righteous man is not double-minded and unpredictable in his moral chracter. He will continue to produce fruit, just as a good tree will continue to produce fruit every year at harvest. When the time has arrived which calls for work, the righteous man does not turn up empty-handed.

     Lastly, the righteous man does not wither. When our lives are refreshed by the Living Water, they will not grow dry. Jesus will not allow His people to utterly lose heart and fade away. He will nourish them with the nutrients of His Word and with the strengthening of His Spirit so that they will indeed persevere. So often this truth is easy to forget when the hot sun of afliction is beating down on us and the sweet rain of rest has been gone for many a day. Yet, God will not suffer His people to whither. His grace is sufficient for the endurance of the righteous.


About Jonathon Thigpen

I am a student, writer, photographer, traveler, teacher, and Lego enthusiast, who is endeavouring to be a man after God's own heart.
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2 Responses to The Righteous Man According to David.

  1. Annie says:

    Beautiful writing and transcendent truth. You’re turning into just such a righteous man, Jon; and it is quite the something to behold. : )

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