The Boy Without a Heart.

I liked the idea of posting my short morality stories on my blog, so I decided to make it a mini-series. Here’s the next one in the series. Hope you enjoy it.

by J. D. H. Thigpen

There once was a boy who was born without a

heart. His name was Nicolas Stronghart. He was not

born lacking any essential organs. In fact, he was

quite well equipped in matters of physicality. He was,

however, lacking in regards to love. He felt a great emptiness inside of him. That is

not to say that he was not a Christian man, for he was, in fact, a pastor. Yet still he

lacked a heart.

Nicolas was blessed with a blossoming mega-church under his leadership, a good

marriage, and two sweet little daughters. He had also accumulated a large amount of

earthly riches to bolster his heavenly ones. He had, as some might call it, “his best life

now.” But he had had not found love.

He sought for love in his marriage, yet he was disappointed. That is not to say his

wife, April, did not love him, but simply that the void which had replaced his heart

remained unfilled. He sought for love from his friends, yet was left desolate. Though

he had more best friends than most people had friends they were still not enough. No

relationship was enough for Nicolas. He tried to fill the emptiness with great

vacations, material possessions, and thrilling experiences, yet nothing satisfied.

All of Nic’s searching ended on one night in December. The snow had gathered

heavily on the window-sill, the fire blazed in vibrant tones of gold and crimson and all

seemed right in Pastor Stronghart’s comfortable little world. Then came the


He was delighted to answer to the voice of his sister, Noelle, until he learned of the

reason of her calling. Their father had been taken ill and had been admitted into a

hospice. The difficulty with this was that Nicolas did not love his father, but now he

felt the need to do so.

Nicolas’ father was a good man, and he respected him, but he did not love him.

This is because he father had never so much as said “I love you” to any of his

children. Yet something happened when Nicolas entered the dismal room of his dying


They talked, they cried, they laughed, and the hours passed them by. At last, all in

one moment, all of Nicolas’ religious study, sermons, and Biblical knowledge became

worth something and came out in one phrase: “Dad, I love you.” Suddenly, the boy

born without a heart became a man rightly known as Stronghart. At last dear Nicolas

understood that it is better to love than to be loved.

About Jonathon Thigpen

I am a student, writer, photographer, traveler, teacher, and Lego enthusiast, who is endeavouring to be a man after God's own heart.
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