River of God

6831_137771788239_7322807_nThe other day I was sitting in a coffee shop before work and was reading through a few Psalms. Got really caught up in Psalm 65. So I jotted down a few thoughts on it. I find I always connect best with God through writing. How do you all best connect with God?

Psalm 65:9
“You visit the earth and water it;
You greatly enrich it;
the river of God is full of water;
You provide their grain, for so You have prepared it.”

Here in this often overlooked verse we see much of the character of God displayed in His generosity towards His creatures. He visits the Earth. He condescends to come down from the highest Heaven to come among us and fellowship with us unworthy beings. Yet more than visit, in the person of Christ Jesus, He even dwelt among us! God became man and walked among us.

Not only does He visit the Earth, but He also waters it. He lavishes the world with the common grace of earthly water, without which life would be impossible. He sends rain, in His kindness, on the righteous and the wicked alike. He grants all the gift of life, not based on their own merit, but on His character. The visitations of the Lord bring life.

Not only does He water the Earth in the physical sense with earthly water, but He also waters it with the Living Water in the person of Jesus. Just as earthly rain brings earthly life, the Living Water brings Heavenly Life. Just as rain falls on all regardless of merit, the Living Water comes to all who would receive it, not based on their merits, but on His and on the grace and kindness of the Lord.

Not only does God visit the Earth and water it, but He greatly enriches it. He enriches the physical soil to receive the rain and produce fruit in order to sustain life. So too does He enrich the spiritual soil of the hearts of men to receive and comprehend the Living Water and to produce spiritual fruit. Without the enriching which comes from the Spirit of God, the soil of our hearts would be dead and barren, unable even to receive the free gift of Living Water. Indeed it is by grace that we are saved, through faith, which itself is a gift and the result of the Spirit enriching the soil of our hearts. Even beyond that, the grace of God greatly enriches the Earth in every aspect of life. Through the grace of God extended to those who drink of the Living Water, He enriches the Earth by reforming culture, restraining evil, protecting the innocent, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and so much more. He not only enriches, but enriches greatly. Those who have been blessed by God in turn become the blessing of God. Those who have been enriched by God in turn become the enrichment of God to the world.

The river of God is full of water. The life which God gives comes not in a trickle, or a drip, or a stream, but a river. It is strong, robust, alive, and deep. It is full, not lacking in anything, never in danger of running out or becoming dry, never weakening, but ever increasing and abounding, even to overflowing. It is not a pond, or a lake, which remain still and run the risk of growing stale and stagnant. No, the the Living Water, is the River of God, a roaring river, ever moving, new every morning yet never changing, thoroughly alive, wild and unpredictable. A strong river which cannot be tamed or controlled by men, and which removes impurities and cleanses pollution, which flows pure and brings refreshment to the soul. Quenching thirst, restoring weary feet for the journey ahead, and bringing newness of life.

Just as in ancient times when cities were built around the banks of rivers, and cultures and civilizations thrived from the life which the waters enabled, so too must we be totally dependent on the River of God. The Living Water must be the only Source of our thriving in every area of life. The River of God, when made the center and source of our life, enables us to thrive, create, and live an abundant, earth-enriching life.

God provides their grain. The result of the water God sends and the enrichment He gives is the bringing forth of good produce. He provides earthly food for all of His creation as yet another expression of His grace. He also provides food for the soul of the believer. Beloved, fret not in thinking that you must provide for yourself physically or spiritually. The Lord Himself provides the grain. The One Who gives the life will surely sustain it also. He will surely meet your needs from His abundant riches. He not only gives us gifts from Himself, but He gives us the Gift of Himself. Not only is He the Living Water, but He is also the Bread of Life. Not only does He give us life in the first place, but He also sustains that life, for He Himself is our Life. Now being made full of this Life, the result is that we produce good wheat in our lives. This wheat is the fruit of the Spirit. If we are of Him and in Him, we shall not bring forth tares, or chaff only, but we shall bring forth good wheat, suitable for the growth of those around us. Those for whom the Lord provides in turn become the provision of the Lord to others.

For so God has prepared it. This is the Great Plan of God: that He should have called us by name, and chosen each of us from before time began, to give life to the lifeless sinners, we who had made ourselves His enemies, to redeem us, to provide for us, and to send us out as His children and His representatives to take part in the great Rescue Mission of bringing Life to the lifeless. O what a God we serve! O that we would ever thirst for the Living Water with a thirst unquenchable!

About Jonathon Thigpen

I am a student, writer, photographer, traveler, teacher, and Lego enthusiast, who is endeavouring to be a man after God's own heart.
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7 Responses to River of God

  1. Danielle says:

    Well put! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Jonathon. 🙂

  2. “Wow, it is almost Pauline in nature!” (from Dad).

  3. Barbie Koiar says:

    Hey, happy to learn of this. I’ve tried this, just can’t keep it going……………thanks!

  4. Barbie Koiar says:


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