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The Darkest of Secrets: One Nerd’s Aspirations to be a Rapper.

     It all started with a facebook status. A friend of mine decided to post a little rap he had written. As cool as this fellow is, I must admit, his rap annoyed me mightily. It was at that moment … Continue reading

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     Well, this feels like the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I began, and I suppose it’s due to a lack of time spent on the computer. Well, I don’t have a large and eloquent post, but here’s a poem … Continue reading

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Ode to Beauty.

This is a short poem about how true beauty is being forgotten and replaced with something artificial and my hunger to remedy that. This is my heart-cry behind much of my photography, poetry, and every other thing I create. I believe beauty can … Continue reading

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Again, I wanted to write a blog, but found myself bereft of ideas. So I thought I’d write another poem. This one is about the constant ache for adventure I find in my heart. Some days I feel caged in … Continue reading

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A Knight That Doesn’t Shine.

I feel like writing a blog today, but I don’t know what to write about, so I’ll write a poem. This one is really just a poem for the sake of poetry. I just wanted to try my hand at a sonnet. It … Continue reading

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A Prayer.

Father, this unruly wretch, forgive. For You alone, teach him to live. Destroy his sin and amend his ways. Teach him to serve You all his days. Though many storms and tempests rise, Return his focus to brighter skies. Forever … Continue reading

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Writer’s Block.

I was going to write a blog today but I was stricken with a terrible case of writer’s block. So I thought that this old poem of mine would be rather apt. Writer’s Block. When words have eluded the pen, … Continue reading

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